History and the growth of the Facebook Technology

The Facebook was began in the month of February 2004 as a school based on the social network at the Harvard University and it was created by the Mark Zuckerberg along with the Edward Saverin where they both are students at the college. Exclusivity is one and only reason credited for the rapid growth and the popularity of the Facebook and in original to join in the facebook you had to have an email address at one of the schools in the network. It soon expanded its network beyond the Harvard University to the other colleges in Boston area and then to the Ivy League schools and this high school version of the facebook launched in the year September 2005.

The facebook accessibility also extended to choose companies like Apple and Microsoft and finally in the year 2006 the Facebook has opened to 13 years old and took off by overtaking the MySpace as the most popular social network in the world. In 2007 the Facebook launched their platform that allowed the developers to create applications on the social network rather simply being the widgets or badges these applications allowed friends to interact with each other by giving the gifts or playing the games like chess. In 2008 the facebook has launched the facebook connect with the Google+ and OpenSocial as a universal login authentication service and the success of the facebook has attributed to appeal both business and people. The facebook developers and the facebook connect the people to interact with sites and around the web by providing the single login where that will works across multiple sites.

Key features of the Facebook technology

The following are the some of the key features of the Facebook social media they are.

  • The Facebook let you to keep up your friends list and you can choose your privacy settings in order to modify who can view the posts on your profile
  • You can upload photos and you can also maintain the photo albums that can be shared with your friends or family members who has the FB account
  • Facebook supports the interactive online chat and it has the ability to comment on yours friends profile page and on their postings sometimes it is called as the “walls” in order to keep in share information
  • The Facebook developer network delivers the advanced monetization and functionality options

The users can also stream the live video by using the facebook live and in which the facebook connect allows the website to interact with the facebook and allows the facebook to be used as the universal login authentication service.

Why should you use the Facebook application?

Whether you are a person with no social networking account or you are a long time Facebook user then you may find yourself at some point of time asking that why you should start or continue to use the Facebook application. The following are the reason that why you should use the facebook application they are.

  • You can use the facebook for Newbies
  • You can use the facebook if you want to stay in the know
  • You Can use it to view visual content
  • If you are running a business or organization then you can use the Facebook application for promoting your business
  • You are the person interested in playing games you can use the facebook

Sometimes staying in the know by browsing the Facebook news some people gets the relief out of the stress or they will be staying connected with their friends in other ways such as by snapchat, instagram and texting. The parent generation has recently had a massive impact of Facebook viewership. This generation has just recently signed up to Facebook and has been growing sales. According to Milf Swiper, most teens are using Instagram and Snapchat whereas the parents are posting on Facebook. That is why the site uses Facebook for advertisement.

The facebook is not only the social network where you can view classy visual content and there are lots of the business owners are using the Facebook account for marketing their business else they can also focus on playing the facebook games. Facebook is not for everybody but it is surely not a worthless tool and when you use this application for the right cause then it will be an incredible platform to connect with others, educate yourself in various topics and discover new things.

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